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Adding and Removing Teachers/The Teachers Page

Add Teacher:

1. Click Go To -> Teachers.

2. Click the "Invite Teachers" button.

3. Click in the box and type the email of the account you wish to add, drag/drop the email from another document, or paste the email into the field. Press Enter or click in the box to add another email address. 

To upload a teacher list from a CSV document, click the "Upload Emails" icon in the bottom-right corner of the window.

Click on the green icon to adjust the privileges of the account being added.

T - Teacher
A - Administrator
B - Dual Teacher/Administrator

5. When finished, click the "Invite Teachers" button. This will send an email to all listed accounts with instructions for logging in. This will include a link that teachers may use to create their account and connect to the school/district. 

To view invited teachers, click the Show Invited Teachers button at the top of the "Teachers" page.

Please note - You can also use the "Generate School Join Code" button to obtain a link that you can email to teachers/admins to allow them to join the school account.

Remove Teacher:

1. Click on the Go To -> Teachers.

2. Click on the "Remove Teachers" button.
3. Select each account you wish to remove .
4. When finished, click the "Remove Selected Teachers" button at the top of the screen.

This will disconnect the selected teachers from the school, but will not remove any plans. The account can still be logged into, renewed, and utilized.

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