Sharing Options: View - Students/Substitutes

This section allows teachers to share a "View-Only" version of their plans with students, other teachers or substitutes through the Student View login on the main page of Planbook, or through a link that you'll provide.

Use this to share specific classes, sections/tabs, and dates with others.

Using this, you can customize what multiple, different groups of students or substitutes see. 

1. Enter a "View Key". This will serve as a simple password and can be anything you want. Share this with anyone you wish to allow to access this view using the login on the main page of

2. Choose the information you wish to make available by clicking the "View Information" field and checking the items.

3. Use the "View Status" field to adjust which lessons will be visible depending on the "Lesson Statuses" you've applied. For more information, please refer to the "Lesson Status" article.

4. Select which classes this view will show by clicking in the "All Classes" field.

5. Select the "View Range" for the plans you wish to make available. If choosing "Start of Week", plans will be visible starting Sunday of the current calendar week.

6. Choose the "Default View" that displays.

Day - A single day will be displayed at a time
Week - A single week will be displayed at a time
Month - A single month will be displayed at a time
List - Lessons will be displayed in a list format showing only one class a time

Please note - this can be adjusted after accessing the view by clicking the "View" button at the top-right corner of the screen.

7. Click the "Include View Notes" slider button to leave notes about this view. These will only be available to you on this screen.

Create a link to this view -

Click the "Download Links" or "Email Links to Me" button (to the right of the view title) to generate a link to this view and share this link with anyone you wish to allow access. Anyone with the link can access the plans without needing your "View Key".

Create additional view -

To create an additional view for a different individual or group, click the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the window and select "Add View Profile".

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