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Sharing Options

The "Sharing Options" page allows teachers to customize how they share with teachers, students, and substitutes in specific ways. Teachers can set up multiple sharing views here to share specific information with groups/individuals. 

Collaborate - Individual Teachers

This allows teachers to set up sharing with specific teachers, the entire school, or entire district and adjust how the specific elements of their plans are shared. 

Collaborate - All Teachers

This allows teachers to share generally with other teachers. Here, set up a "Teacher Key" (a simple password) and share that with anyone you wish to allow to copy your plans into their account, or share/edit classes together with you using the "Replica" option. Using this method, all tabs/sections for your shared classes will be available for sharing. 

To adjust the classes you wish to share, click on Go To -> Classes and click on a class there. Adjust the "Collaborate" section here to allow sharing. 

View - Students

This section allows teachers to share a "View-Only" version of their plans with a student, groups of students, or parents. Use this to share specific classes, sections/tabs, and dates with others. This is great for sharing specific information. 

Using this, you can customize what your Math students see while at the same time creating a separate view for your Social Studies students. 

View - Substitutes

This section allows teachers to customize views for substitutes. Using this section, you can set up a specific view for a substitute to allow them to see all plans for a specific date range/class/etc. This is great for sharing only necessary information with a substitute or additional information that isn't available in the "Students" view. 

Adding Additional Views - 

Click the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner and select "Add View Profile" to create an additional view. This allows you to add as many additional views as you need to. This is great for setting up multiple different student views for specific groups of students or simply allowing a colleague to view specific information you wish to make available. 

Generating Links - 

To generate a link to a specific view, just click the "Download Links" or "Email Links to Me" icons directly to the right of the View section title. Send this link to anyone you wish to allow access, or post the link on a website. Links do not require someone to know your "View Key" and anyone with the link can view the information you've made available for that specific link. 

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