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School Purchase

We offer a discount for school/district purchases.

10% off for purchases of 1-49 accounts ($13.50 teacher/admin)
20% off for purchases of 50-199 accounts ($12.00 teacher/admin)
30% off for purchases of 200-499 accounts ($10.50 teacher/admin)
40% off for purchases of 500+ accounts ($9.00 teacher/admin)

Administrator accounts have the following features:

- View teacher plans
- Provide comments/feedback to teachers on their plans
- Create a shared school calendar (no school days, teacher meetings, assemblies, etc.)
- Review standards covered by each teacher
- Administer your teacher accounts: add teachers, remove teachers, and reset passwords

To set up a school account -

1. Visit, then click "Sign Up" in the upper-left and enter your email and password. 

2. Adjust "Account Type" to "Administrator", and finish setting up your account and school. 

3. Click on the Go To menu and select "Teachers". 

4. Click on the "Invite Teachers" button in the upper-left corner. 

5. Type, copy/paste, or drag/drop teacher emails into the box. 

6. When finished, click "Invite Teachers".

Teachers will then receive an email with instructions for joining the school. View a teacher's plans by using the upper-left corner teacher name list. 

If you wish to purchase a subscription for the year, either contact us at and let us know you wish to purchase, or click on your display name in the upper-right corner, select "Account", and click "Renew Subscription". 

For information on District or multi-school purchases, please refer to the "District/Multi-School Purchase" article in our Knowledge Base.

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