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School Purchase

We offer a discount for school/district purchases.

10% off for purchases of 1-49 accounts ($13.50 teacher/admin)
20% off for purchases of 50-199 accounts ($12.00 teacher/admin)
30% off for purchases of 200-499 accounts ($10.50 teacher/admin)
40% off for purchases of 500+ accounts ($9.00 teacher/admin)

Administrator accounts have the following features:

- View teacher plans
- Provide comments/feedback to teachers on their plans
- Create a shared school calendar (no school days, teacher meetings, assemblies, etc.)
- Review standards covered by each teacher
- Administer your teacher accounts: add teachers, remove teachers, and reset passwords

If you wish to get started, we'll just need the school's name and billing address, the number of accounts you would like to purchase, and the email addresses of any interested administrators.

We'll get the administrators set up, invite them to the school, and provide instructions for inviting teachers.

After that, we'll generate an invoice and send that back to you.
For information on District or multi-school purchases, please refer to the "District/Multi-School Purchase" article in our Knowledge Base.

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