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Customizing Your Tabs/Sections

Click on the Go To menu and select "Display Settings".

When you first access this page, you'll see your current tab/section layout. These are the tabs you'll see when editing your lessons. You can click the "Sample Layouts" button to select a default layout.

These can be renamed and ordered in any way. To reorder your sections, just click and drag the section you wish to reorder to a new location using the double-arrow icon to the left of the section/tab name. 

To add a new section/tab, enter a name in one of the unused slots and check the box to the left of the section name.

Please note, that the designated fields for “My List”, “Standards”, and “School List” cannot be utilized for another section. While these sections can be renamed, you will only be able to apply items from your “My List”, “Standards”, or “School List” sections. You can see which sections are reserved for those items by referring to the column to the right of the section/tab names.

Please note that the “School List” section is reserved for items your school has created and items cannot be added by anyone other than an administrator.

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