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These video tutorials cover specific features or the more advanced elements of 

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Customizing the Appearance of Your Plans - How to adjust the look of your lessons/tabs/events/dates/etc. 

My Files - How to use the "My Files" page to edit any files you've uploaded. 

My List - How to use the "My List" feature. 

Strategies and My Strategies - How to apply strategies to your lessons or create your own strategies. 

Standards Reporting - How to generate reports for standards you've applied to your lessons. 

Templates - How to use the "Templates" feature to set up reoccurring information in your plans (create outlines, repeating activities, etc.)

Units - How to build units using the "Units" feature. 

The Lesson Bank - Lessons - How to create lessons without assigning a date to those and adding those lessons to a "Lesson Bank". 

The Lesson Bank - Units - How to build units without assigning a date and add those to a "Lesson Bank". 

Teacher Notes and To Do List - How to record notes and add To Do list items. 

Lesson Statuses - How to apply "Statuses" to your lessons. 

Attaching Files from Google Drive - How to attach files from a connected Google Drive account. 

Google Classroom and Calendar Integration - How to display Google Classroom items in your plans. 

Alternate Schedule Days - How to set up alternate schedules and place those into your plans as needed. Great for setting up half-days, etc. 

Substitute Notes - How to record notes for a substitute teacher. 

Adjusting/Changing Class Schedules - How to adjust your class schedules mid-year. 

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