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Lesson Status

The Lesson Status feature allows teachers to create specific statuses and apply those to lessons as needed. This is great for tracking when a lesson has been taught or when a lesson is complete. You can also use the "View" menu to quickly view lessons by status, or set up your Student View to only show lessons with certain statuses. 

Creating a Status - 

1. Click on a lesson to open it. 
2. Click the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the lesson window. 
3. Click the gear icon to edit your statuses. 

4. Click the + icon to the right of "Status" to create a new status. 
5. Enter the name of the status and use the eyedropper icon to edit the color of that status. 
6. Click "Done" when finished editing. 

Adjusting a Status - 

When the "Select Status" menu is open, you'll see a number of icons - 

Pencil Icon - Rename your status. 
Eye-dropper Icon - Change color of status. 
Trash Icon - Delete a status from the list and from all lessons the status has been applied to. 

Applying a Status - 

1. Open a lesson. 
2. Click the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the lesson window. 
3. Click on the color icon for the status you wish to apply. You should see a checkmark appear on the status icon to let you know that is applied. 
4. Save the lesson changes. 


1. Right-click on a lesson or use the action arrow in the upper-right corner of a lesson to open the actions menu. 
2. Click on the corresponding color of a status you have created to quickly apply that to a lesson. 

You should now see the status or statuses applied by their color to your lesson.

Display Status Names or Change Status Font Size - 

To show the full name of a status, click on the Go To menu, select "Display Settings", and click on the heading for "Lesson Status". Here, check the box for "Display Status Name". On this same screen, you can also adjust the font size of your statuses. 

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