Navigating your Student Account

Navigation: If you have been assigned to more than one teacher, you can use the teacher name drop-down menu in the upper-left corner of the screen to view another teacher's plans.

Use the grading period drop-down menu next to the teacher select drop-down to sort between different grading periods (if the teacher has set these up).

Use the blue buttons in the upper-left corner navigate between weeks, choose a specific date to view, or jump to today's date.

You can use the notepad icon in the upper-left corner to view any notes the teacher has made available. You will also see those when accessing the account.

Comments: Use the dialog box icon to add/view comments to/from your teacher. Click the "Add Comment" button to post a comment to the selected teacher, or click the "Return to Plans" button to go back to the main page.

Grades: Click the "A+" icon to view grades for assignments/assessments. 

View: Click this to view the selected teacher's plans in multiple ways.
          Day: View plans for a single day.
          Week: View plans for a week.
          Month: View all plans in a month.

Please note that you will only see items the teacher has made visible to students. If you are not seeing something that you believe you should, please consult the teacher that you are attempting to view.   

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