Frequently-Asked Questions

  1. How to reset account password

  2. How do I connect or merge my account to my school?

  3. How to delete or unlink multiple lessons at a time

  4. What is a Teacher/Student View Key?

  5. If my school signs up, will I lose my plans or will my plans be deleted?

  6. If my subscription expires, will I lose my plans?

  7. I am leaving my school. Can I keep my plans?

  8. How do I enter times that don't fall on 15-minute increments?

  9. I entered times for my classes, but the times aren't displaying. Why?

  10. I adjusted my class/year dates/times and all of my lessons are gone. What happened?

  11. I am encountering printing issues. Why?

  12. Why can't I view my previous year's plans?

  13. Why can't I add/create a new year?

  14. I am having importing/copying difficulties. Why?

  15. My school signed me up under a different email, how can I merge/connect my existing accounts?

  16. Why aren't my Grades/Assignments/Assessments displaying on the "Grades" page?

  17. Can I create links for individual/specific classes?

  18. How do I email my plans to someone?

  19. How do I set times for my classes or sort my classes by time?

  20. How do I schedule a snow day?

  21. How do I completely remove a class from a specific day?

  22. Horizontal Plans View?

  23. How to use activate Full Screen mode/use Browser Print

  24. How do I request additional standards for

  25. How do I enlarge the editor box?

  26. How to Delete a Class?

  27. How to change class times for a class that has already started?

  28. How to Undo/Remove "No Class Day"

  29. How do I remove a 'No School" event?

  30. How to customize a Single Event in a Series of Events

  31. I didn't get my sign up email when my school purchased Planbook for me, what do I do?

  32. How to adjust the font for lessons?

  33. How to show School Day Counter

  34. Error Message

  35. Remove or Delete Holiday Event

  36. Can't add lesson outside of schedule Message

  37. Current Date Incorrect/Today Button Not Working

  38. Adjust Autosave Time

  39. How do I view plans that have been shared with me by another teacher?

  40. Renewal/Purchase Issues/Errors

  41. How do I end a class early or adjust the end date of a class?

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