Frequently-Asked Questions

  1. How to reset account password

  2. How to delete or unlink multiple lessons at a time

  3. What is a Teacher/Student View Key?

  4. If my school signs up, will I lose my plans or will my plans be deleted?

  5. If my subscription expires, will I lose my plans?

  6. I am leaving my school. Can I keep my plans?

  7. How do I enter times that don't fall on 15-minute increments?

  8. I entered times for my classes, but the times aren't displaying. Why?

  9. I adjusted my class/year dates/times and all of my lessons are gone. What happened?

  10. I am encountering printing issues. Why?

  11. Why can't I view my previous year's plans?

  12. Why can't I add/create a new year?

  13. I am having importing/copying difficulties. Why?

  14. My school signed me up under a different email, how can I merge/connect my existing accounts?

  15. Why aren't my Grades/Assignments/Assessments displaying on the "Grades" page?

  16. Can I create links for individual/specific classes?

  17. How do I email my plans to someone?

  18. How do I set times for my classes?

  19. How do I schedule a snow day?

  20. How do I completely remove a class from a specific day?

  21. Horizontal Plans View?

  22. How to use activate Full Screen mode/use Browser Print

  23. How do I request additional standards for

  24. How do I enlarge the editor box?

  25. How to Delete a Class?

  26. How to change class times for a class that has already started?

  27. How to Undo/Remove "No Class Day"

  28. How do I remove a 'No School" event?

  29. How to customize a Single Event in a Series of Events

  30. I didn't get my sign up email when my school purchased Planbook for me, what do I do?

  31. How to adjust the font for lessons?

  32. How do I safely work with two windows of Planbook open at the same time?

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