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How to add or remove Teachers on a School Account

Please note that this feature is only available to Administrator accounts in Planbook.

Add Teacher to School Account

Note that teachers with an existing Planbook account can be invited to join a school account without losing any existing lesson plans. To add a teacher to a school account:
  1. From the Planbook Bar, select Teachers.

  2. Click the Invite Teachers (+) icon in the top-right menu.

  3. Type, copy/paste, or drag/drop the email addresses you wish to invite.

  4. To designate the account type, click on the green "T" to the left of the email address. Account types are:

    • Teacher - Connect as a teacher account.

    • Admin - Connect as an administrator account.

    • Dual - Connect as a dual (teacher and administrator) account.

  5. Click the Save (checkmark) icon to invite the teachers. Each invited teacher will receive an email with instructions to connect to the school account.

Remove Teacher from School Account

Note that removing a teacher from a school account will not delete the teacher account or remove their existing lesson plans. It will simply disconnect the teacher account from the school account. To remove a teacher from a school account:
  1. From the Planbook Bar, select Teachers.

  2. Click on the Actions (3 dot) icon in the top-right menu.

  3. Select the Manage option.

  4. Click the checkbox for each teacher you wish to remove.

  5. Click the Remove (trash can) icon in top-right menu to remove the selected teachers.

  6. Select Continue to confirm the removal.

  7. When updates are complete, click the Done Icon in top-right menu to return to the Teacher Page.

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