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Signing into a Student Account

Students can sign into Planbook to view lesson plans, homework, and even grades from all their teachers! The instructions below detail how students can sign in for the first time and add the classes they need. 

First, go to and enter your Student ID or Email in the top field that says Email Address or User ID! From there, you can enter the Student Key given to you by your teacher in the Password or Key field. No need to sign up new account - your school has already created the account for you! 

Once this information has been added, click Sign In! We have outlined this button in red below. 

When you enter your account, you may see classes already in there! In this case, you are all set. Your teacher has assigned the classes for you! If you do not have classes, you may have been given a Join Code to join the classes you need. To enter your Join Code, simply click on the plus sign outlined in red below. 

This will bring up a box that allows you enter your Join Code and click on the check mark to save. You can repeat this process for each Join Code you have!

Once your Join Codes have been entered and saved, you will be able to see all of your classes appear. Congratulations, your Planbook student account is ready to use!

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