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How to share Class Lessons via Copy/Link

For teachers who want to share lessons, and retain the flexibility of teaching the shared lessons on different dates, we recommend using Copy/Link. A COPY creates a new lesson, to allow the teacher to change it as needed. A LINK retains a connection between the lessons, such that changes made by one teacher are automatically viewed by both.

Copy/Link: Source Teacher

The source teacher (who created the lessons) will:
  1. Click the User Settings icon in top-right menu.

  2. Select the Sharing Options button.

  3. Select Collaborate - Permissions in menu bar.

  4. Click the Add (+) button to add a new permission.

  5. Select the teachers (email address), classes, and view rules.

  6. Click the Save (checkmark) icon in top-right menu to save your changes.

Copy/Link: Target Teacher

The target teacher (who will receive the lessons) will:
  1. Click the Copy icon in top-right menu to go to the Copy Page.

  2. Under Copy FROM (left side), select the From, Year and Class of source teacher.

  3. Select lesson Date Range to copy or link.*

  4. Under Copy TO (right side), select Class.

  5. Click Copy Lessons or Link Lessons.

* You can also drag and drop a lesson from the source class to the target class.

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