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Sharing Options & Permissions

There are a variety of ways Planbook users can collaborate on lesson plans:

  • Copy: Provides a teacher with a copy of plans. All edits will remain in separate accounts.

  • Linking Lessons: Creates a link between the teacher of origin and the shared teachers. The link can be toggled on or off. When on, changes made by one teacher will be seen on the plans of both teachers. When toggled off, changes made by one teacher will only be visible to the teacher who made the changes.

  • Replica: Allows two or more teachers to share a class together, allowing changes made to appear in all connected teacher accounts. Some features are limited to the originating teacher, such as bumping and extending lessons. A replica class must have the same lesson layout in both the class of origin and the replicated class.

The "Sharing Options" page allows teachers to customize how they share with teachers, students, and substitutes in specific ways. Teachers can set up multiple sharing views here to share specific information with groups/individuals. Sharing options must be set up BEFORE using the Copy, Linking, or Replica features.  

1. Click your user icon in the upper right corner and select Sharing Options.

2. Select the Sharing Option that best meets your needs.

Collaborate - Permissions: This allows teachers to set up sharing with specific teachers, the entire school, or entire district and adjust how the specific elements of their plans are shared.

3. To collaborate with an individual teacher, click +Add at the top of the Collaborate - Permissions screen.

4. Enter a permission title. This is used to help you organize your permissions on this page.

5. Select if you would like to share with an individual teacher, the teachers connected to your school or the teachers connected to your district from the Types dropdown menu.

6. If Teacher is selected as the permission type, enter the email address(es) of those you wish to share your plans with. 

7. Select the setting permissions by section or by all sections.
  • View Only: Others will be able to view, link, and copy the plans you've shared, but any edits will not reflect in your account.
  • View/Edit: Others will be able to view, link and copy your plans or lesson bank information. When linking, others will be able to make direct edits to the plans you've shared.
  • None: The tab/section will not be viewable or editable in any way.
8. Click the checkmark in the upper right corner to save your changes.

Collaborate - Class Replicas: This allows teachers to create a Teacher Key needed to use the Replica feature with other teachers. This option will not allow the linking of lessons by other teachers.

3. Enter a Teacher Key on the Collaborate - Class screen.. A teacher key is a password that you’ll share with other teachers to allow them to copy or link from you. Your teacher key can be anything you want.

4. Save your changes by clicking the Save button.

5. You will now need to make sure your classes are shareable. From your Planbook Bar, select Classes.

6. Open a class you wish to share by clicking on the pencil icon.

7. Click on the Collaborate dropdown menu and select the appropriate collaboration permission:

  • No Collaboration - Class will not be shared.
  • View Only - Teachers can copy your lessons, but changes made will not reflect in your account.
  • View/Edit - Teachers can copy your lessons and use the "Replica" option to share and edit the class with you.
  • Replica - Make this class a copy of another teacher's class. If you wish to allow sharing for this class, do not select this option.

8. Click the checkmark in the upper right corner to save your changes. Other teachers can now copy your plans from the shared classes using the Copy feature or replicate/co-edit your plans using the Replica feature.

View Profiles - Students & Substitutes: This section allows teachers to share a "View-Only" version of their plans with a student, groups of students, parents or substitutes. Use this to share specific classes, sections/tabs, and dates with others.

3. Enter a View Key on the View -Students or View - Substitute screen. A view key is a password that will activate sharing and be anything.

4. Within the View Items and View Statuses fields, click X for any sections you wish not to have viewable to students/substitutes.

5. Select which classes you wish students/substitutes to be able to view in the View Classes dropdown menu.

6. Select the desired date ranges and layouts in the appropriate dropdown menus.

7. If you wish to add a personalized message to your student /substitute viewers, you can toggle the Include View Information to blue and add text.

8. Click the Save button to save your changes.

9. At the upper right corner of the View - Students/Substitutes page, you can select to either download the view links or email the links to yourself. With the view link, you can share them on your website, newsletter, sub plans etc.

If you would like to create additional sharing profiles, you can do so on the Sharing Options page as well.

1. Click Add View Profile.

2. Enter a name for your view profile and click the checkmark in the upper right corner to save.

3. Follow the same steps outlined in View - Students / View - Substitutes.

4. To remove a created view profile, click the trash can icon in the upper right corner when editing that view profile.

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