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Copying Units into a Bank

Be sure that you are in the school year you wish to copy TO to complete this process!

  1. From the Plans page, click the copy icon in the upper right corner.

There are two sides to the copy page: Copy From on the left and Copy To on the right.

Copy From

  1. Select Units from the Type dropdown menu.

  2. Select My Classes from the From dropdown menu.

  3. Select the desired school year to copy from in the Years dropdown menu.

  4. Select the desired class(es) to copy from in the Class dropdown menu.  

  5. Select the unit(s) you wish to copy.

  6. Select the items you wish to copy from the unit into the bank in the Unit Items dropdown menu.

Copy To

  1. Select the desired bank to copy lessons into from the Bank dropdown menu. You can also create a new bank by selecting Add Lesson Bank.

  2. Click Copy Units.

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