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Add or Remove School Year

Add or Remove School Year

*Please note that Administrator accounts are not tied to specific years, so they will not need to create a new year. Administrators can create a school year for their teachers and teachers will have the option to adopt that school year from their page. Admins will see any years their teachers have created or adopted.*

Teachers and Administrators can follow the steps below to add a new year -

Navigate to the Planbook Bar on the left side of your screen and select "School Years" to customize your school year dates, set up your schedule, and customize your grading. You can also add a new school year at any time.

Add year- If you are connected to a school/district account, they may have already set up your school year for you. You can select “Do not use a School/District Year” if you want to customize your own new school year. If your school has provided a school year, you can select it from the list.

School Year- If you are creating a new school year, you will need to give it a name (i.e. 2023-2024).

First Day: The first day of your school year. This will determine the default start date for your classes and the number of your “School Day Counter” (if applied through the “Display” page).

Last Day: The last day of your school year. Classes and lessons will not appear past this date.

Lesson Layout- This is where you can select a default layout for all of your classes to have. This can be changed or updated per class at any time throughout the school year.

Select Classes to Copy From (previous year)- If you have previous school years in your account, you have the option to copy your classes from one school year to your new school year. If you do not want to copy classes, click on each class to deselect it. If you do select classes to copy from, you will be prompted on the next option to select which content from those classes you want to copy.

*Once your school year is created, you can click “edit” to add more specific details to your new year*

Classes Are Scheduled- This section will allow you to set your classes on a cycle schedule. Choose the option, or enter a number for your cycle days here. Choose the “Day Names” option to enter different names for your cycle days. You may also add any cycle resets here at any time throughout the year.

Grading Periods- In this section, you can customize the grading periods for your school by entering the start and end dates of your grading periods.

Letter Grades- In this section, you can customize how your grades appear when entering and tracking grades. First, click the plus icon to the right of Letter Grades to add an entry. Click the plus icon multiple times to add multiple entries. Then, enter a letter/word/etc. and the minimum percentage required to achieve that letter grade.

School Days/Times- Customize which days and times classes will have lessons in by selecting or deselecting the days of the week and entering the times of the school day.

School Year Actions- These actions are accessible by clicking the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of your school year screen. Here you can: delete your year, import lessons from prior years (if applicable), manage lessons (delete groups of lessons from all classes in your currently-selected school year), and remove any linked lessons

To remove a school year completely:

1. From the School Years Page click on the three- dot icon in the top right corner of the page and select Manage.

2. Click the check mark next to the school year(s) you would like to delete and click the delete button in the top right corner of the screen.

3. Click the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the window and select "Delete Year". This will delete all plans from the year chosen.

To toggle between school years, click on the year name from the drop down menu in the Date Bar and select the year you wish to view.

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