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How to create an Alternate Day Schedule

To create an Alternate Day Schedule:

1. From the Planbook Bar, select Classes.

2. In the top-left menu, click the Regular Schedule button and select Add Alternate Day.

3. Enter a Title for the alternate day schedule.

4. Click the Save (checkmark) icon to save your alternate day.

5. Click the Regular Schedule button and select your alternate day from the dropdown.

6. Click Edit Schedule in the top-right menu to begin editing your alternate day schedule.

7. Once in edit mode, you can drag classes from the class list on the left into your alternate day schedule on the right.

8. Classes can be moved within the schedule view or you can click on the class to enter a specific class time.

9. Click Done in the top-right menu to save changes.

To use your Alternate Day Schedule in your plans, add an Alternate Schedule Day event

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