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How to connect to a School Account

There are two ways to connect an existing personal Planbook account to a school Planbook account:

Receive an Administrator Invite

An administrator at your school can send you an invitation. You will then receive an email to complete the connection process. Note that you will retain all your existing plans, and nothing will be lost when connecting to a school account. To create an invite, your school administrator will do the following in their Planbook administrator account:
  1. From the Planbook Bar, select Teachers.

  2. Click the Invite Teachers (+) icon in top-right menu.

  3. Enter the teacher's email address.

  4. Click the Save (checkmark) icon to save the invitation.

Add School ID to your Account

You can also ask your school administrator to share the School ID used by Planbook to identify your School. Once you have the School ID, you enter this in your Planbook account:
  1. Click the User Settings icon in top-right menu.

  2. Select the Account option.

  3. Select the Profile option in menu bar.

  4. Enter the School ID provided by your school administrator.

  5. Click Save button to save your changes.

  6. Sign Out of Planbook, then Sign In, to complete the connection.

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